Asia Blog Stars of 2005

January 1, 2006

It is finally here. The results are in. We have counted the submissions. Presenting the top ten blogs of 2005 which we call the Asia Blog Stars of 2005 (in no particular order).

Kenny Sia





Jeff Ooi

IZ Reloaded

Simon World

Mr Miyagi

India Uncut

Out of these 10 stars, one will be the Asia Blog of the Year 2005. Who will it be? We will make an announcement on 8 January.


Price Money

December 30, 2005

There will be a US$100 prize money for the 2005 Asia Blog of The Year. Thanks to our kind sponsor, Kieron.

We have been real busy counting the nominations sent to us via email. The response has been fantastic. We have a total of 9,860 email nominations. In all, you guys have nominated more than 40 Asian blogs.

We will announce the top 10 Asia blogs on New Year’s Day.

The 1st Annual Asia Blog Of The Year

December 21, 2005


It is finally here! Presenting the 1st annual Asia Blog Of The Year (ABOTY) award.

One category. One winner!

That’s right. There will only be one category of the best blogs in Asia. And one of them will be crown the Asia Blog Of The Year 2005.

How it works?

Simple. From now till 30th of December 2005, anyone can submit their choice via email to

You can submit only one entry (one blog). Those who use multiple email address to submit will have their submissions disqualified. Please type out the url of the blog in the title of the email. In the body of the email, only write your name and location.

We will only choose 10 blogs to make up the list. These 10 blogs will be the blogs with highest submissions. In case there is a tie in the number of submissions, we will use the blogs’ technorati rank to decide who goes above the other.

On New Year’s Day, 1st January 2006, we will announce the top 10 blogs. These blogs are the Asia Blog Stars of 2005. They will be ranked accordingly to the number of submissions they received. (Note: Ranking will not be shown to prevent the judges in round 2 from knowing. See next paragraph.) For example, Blog ABC receives 500 submissions which is the highest. It will go to number one of the list. There will be points out of 10 given to the blogs. The blog which made it to number 1 will be given 10/10 while the blog which is at the bottom of the 10 blogs list will be given 1/10.

The second round of the competition will take place on 2nd January till 5th January. We will be choosing 20 judges to take part in the second round. Those who are interested to be a judge, please email us at (Note: Dateline for judges will be on 28th December 2005.) Include your name, country, blog (if any). We will then interview all judges before making the final decision on choosing the 20. Each judge will give points out of 10 to each of the top 10 blogs. The points will be averaged out and combine with the points given in the earlier round. The final points will be out of 20.

For example, Blog ABC which received 10/10 in the first round because of its first place based on the number of submissions, received 5/10 from the judges. Total them up and you will get the final score which is 15/20. The blog will the highest final score will be crowned Asia Blog Of The Year 2005. We will announce the top three on the 8th of January 2006.

Start sending your submission now!